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Sermon List
Do not Let Yout Faith be Judged (J. Patterson)
God of Glory (J. Patterson) No Shortcut to Glory(J. Patterson) Sheperd of the Feast Days(N. Edwards)
Christian Encouragement (J. Patterson) Don't Be a Hater(E. Malone) Be Careful of Your Expectations(J. Patterson)
So you have come to hear a Sermon (J. Patterson) Carnal Righteousness (J. Patterson) The Book of Life(D. Nicol)
The Key Play of the Game (E. Malone) Living in a Fallen World(J. Patterson) Postscript from Paul (J. Patterson)
New Shoes (J. Patterson) The Money Nemesis (D. Nicol) Gospel of the Kingdom (D. Nicol)
And Then They Left(J. Patterson) Worthwhile Side-Effects (J. Patterson) Self Esteem and the Christian (D. Resinko)
God's Corrective Action Plan(D. Nicol) The Philadelphia Phenomenon (D. Nicol) Mourn with Those Who Mourn(J. Patterson)
Pharisee 2000 (J. Patterson)
Mighty Power of God (D. Nicol) Why Does God Respond Positively (J. Patterson) Governor of the Universe(D. Nicol)
God's Candidates for Kingship (D. Nicol) Common Christian Mistakes(J. Patterson) Self Preservation (J. Patterson)
Evangelism (J. Patterson) Entreat the Father(D. Nicol) Seven Attributes of Successful Christians (D. Nicol)
The New Wine of Learning(J. Patterson) John's World View (D.Nicol)
Pre-Passover Syndrome(D. Nicol) Fruit Bearing Factors (D. Nicol) The True Gospel I (D. Nicol)
The Exhausting Commandment (D.Nicol) Arrested Spiritual Development (J.Patterson) Love Confidence (J.Patterson)
Blood on the Door Post (D. Nicol) The Relationship Factor(D. Nicol) Dynamics of Cross Bearing (D. Nicol)
The Dynamics of Prayer(D. Nicol) Passover in the Upper Room (J. Patterson) All Things are Yours(J. Patterson)
Becoming Single-Minded (D. Nicol) Saga of the Ninety-Nines (D. Nicol)
Looking Glass (D. Nicol) Remember Me Lord(D. Nicol) I am that I am (D. Nicol)
The Bread of Affliction (J. Patterson) Haste Makes Waste (J. Patterson) The True Gospel II (D. Nicol)
Samaritan Philosophy (D. Nicol) The Underline Intent of the Feast (J.Patterson) Trials and Chastening(D. Nicol)
Discerning Good and Evil(D.Nicol) Spiritual Disconnect (D. Nicol) The Pearl of Great Price (D.Nicol)
You Just Can't Get Away (E.Malone) The Community Factor (D.Nicol) Unleaven Thyself - What does it really mean? (J. Patterson)
Misinterpreting God's Actions (J. Patterson) Straddling Heaven and Earth (D. Nicol) Demonstration of the Spirit(D. Nicol)
The Holy Bible (D. Nicol) The End Times (J. Patterson) Contend for the Faith (J. Patterson)
Man's Constant Nemesis(D. Nicol) God's Answering Service(D. Nicol) Dynamo Genesis of the Spirit (2) (D. Nicol)
Faith(J. Patterson)
Knowing You Know in Part (J. Patterson) The Road to Discovery(J. Patterson) God's Greatest Creation(D. Nicol)
Pentecost and the Critical Harvest (2) (J. Patterson) God's Election Process (D. Nicol) The Quest for Greatness(J. Patterson)
Once Upon a Time(D. Nicol) Gospel of Salvation (D. Nicol) What becomes of the Broken Hearted (E. Malone)
The Power of Charisma(D. Nicol)
Our Deceptive World (D. Nicol) The Most Insidious Temptations(J. Patterson) Child-like Security in Christ(J. Patterson)
Knowledge of God and Evil (D. Nicol) Love and Marriage (D. Nicol) Lucifer's Mountain View(D. Nicol)
Latter Day Saints (D. Nicol) Courage (J. Patterson) Disturbance and Abundance (J. Patterson)
From a Distance (D.Nicol) Flame of Endurance(D. Nicol) Do you want to be made whole (E. Malone)
The Mind of Christ (J.Patterson) Dynamic Overcoming (D. Nicol) The Graduate(D. Nicol)
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit(D. Nicol) A World of Exclusivism (D. Nicol) Why Does God Allow Deception? (D. Nicol)
Dynamic of Prophecy (D. Nicol) Just Sow the Seed (E. Malone) The Centurion Prescription(D. Nicol)
Be Humble and Rejoice (J. Patterson) Thy Kingdom Come (D. Nicol) The Extra Degree (D. Nicol)
The Revealed Gospel(D. Nicol) God's Justice and Ours(J.Patterson) The Pace of the Race (3)(J. Patterson)
Witness Protection Program(D. Nicol) Be Humble and Rejoice(J. Patterson) Christ Triumphant Return(D. Nicol)
Deuteronomic Laws(D. Nicol) At-one-ment with God (4)(D. Nicol) The Red Mendelssohn(D. Nicol)
Agony and Ecstacy(D. Nicol) Last Great Race on Earth (D. Nicol)
Spirits Good and Evil (N. Edwards) Pain of Sin's Lessons (D. Nicol) Vengeance of the High Priest (J. Patterson)
Christ Exemplary Ministry(D. Nicol) Eden Controversy (D. Nicol) To Whom do you Listen (E. Malone)
Jesus in Overalls(D. Nicol) Jesus the Exhalted (J. Patterson) The Good News of Today (J. Patterson)
What does it mean to truly believe in God?(J. Patterson) Diving Bell and the Butterfly(D. Nicol) The Longevity Factor (D. Nicol)
First Century Theology - Intro (D. Nicol)
Freedom Religion (D. Nicol) Divine Enablement (J. Patterson) We Want a King (D. Nicol)
Essence of Love (D. Nicol) Maggie's Drawers (D. Nicol) Are You Seeking or Striving?(J. Patterson)
The Foyer of the Kingdom (D. Nicol) The Church's One Foundation (D. Nicol) Turkey Day (D. Nicol)
To the Angel of the Scattered Churches (J. Patterson) Where are the other Nine(D. Nicol)
Divine Enablements Pt 2 (J. Patterson) Cut to the Heart (J. Patterson) Christ the Teacher (J.Patterson)
Politics of Spiritual Delusion(D. Nicol) The Quintessential Church (D. Nicol) ohn the Baptist and Jesus the Christ (J. Patterson)
The Connection of Our Calling (D. Nicol) Jesus is Fair and Uncompromising (J.Patterson) The Star Chamber (D. Nicol)
The Carnality of Our Mind (D. Nicol) Wisdom from Above(J. Patterson) God and Sister Sledge (E. Malone)
Liberty in Jesus Christ (J.Patterson) The Passion of La Mancha(D. Nicol)